Top Reasons Kids End Up in the ER

It’s a fact of parenting: Children get sick or injured. You’re likely to get used to emergency or after-hours care as a parent. While it’s unavoidable that you’ll avoid medical drama, Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado stands ready to provide care for the top four reasons kids end up in the ER.

Head Injuries

Whether it’s falls from bikes, skateboards or scooters or sports-related injuries, head trauma is one of the most common reasons children are admitted to the emergency room. While adequate protective headgear can help prevent many of these injuries, PUCNC is on hand as an alternative to ER treatment for head injuries.

Broken Bones and Sprains

It’s almost a right of passage of childhood. Kids’ active lifestyles offer ample amount of opportunity for injury. While broken bones used to mean a trip to the emergency room, PUCNC is perfectly suited to providing care. Our on-site x-ray facilities make treatment convenient and easy, and urgent-care staff are perfectly equipped to handle these non-life threatening injuries.


Managing asthma is always the best way to stay out of urgent care, but attacks come on suddenly. If your child suffers an attack and can still breathe with difficulty after using a rescue inhaler, urgent care is a more economical solution than an ER visit. Our staff treats asthmatics regularly, so we’re ready to help your child breathe easy again.


It can be scary when your child’s fever can’t be controlled, or is accompanied by other symptoms – splotchy skin, stiff joints, difficulty breathing – urgent care is an ideal alternative to emergency room treatment. Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado offers treatment for infants, children and teenagers.

Unless your child faces a severe injury, urgent care is often the ideal solution for care. Patients at Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado often receive treatment for the top four reasons kids end up in the ER faster and at a lower cost than emergency treatment.