What You Should Have At Home for First Aid

first aid kit in use

No matter what we do to protect our children, accidents happen. They fall, scrape their knees and bonk their heads. It’s important for parents and caregivers to know how to handle minor injuries at home. You should always have a few things on hand for emergencies. Here are the items we recommend keeping handy.


If you sense that your child may be getting sick, the most important tool you will have is the thermometer. This will help you determine the severity of the sickne...


Why You Should Take Your Child to a Pediatric Urgent Care

exterior of pediatric urgent care

From traditional doctors’ offices to emergency rooms and urgent care rooms, it can be confusing to know where you should take your child in a time of need. We hope this post helps clear that up. Here are the main reasons why you should take your child to a Pediatric Urgent Care.

Lower Cost

It is no surprise that emergency rooms can rack up a large bill. Urgent care is much more cost-effective for the same level of care. You will pay less and receive pediatric-specific attention at a...


Best Sledding Hills In Northern Colorado

Snow has finally made its way to Northern Colorado, and if you’re not planning on packing up the family and heading to the slopes, you can still enjoy the snow close to home! Northern Colorado has plenty of sledding hills that you and your family can enjoy this winter. Here are just a few of them.

City Park | Fort Collins

1500 W. Mulberry Street, Fort Collins, CO 80521

This hill is for our experienced sledders out the...


How to Develop Bedtime Routines

It’s not uncommon to struggle to get your children to bed each night. In some cases, it might really feel like pulling teeth to get your little one to bed at a time that suits you and your family. Before bedtime woes become worse, it is important to develop a bedtime routine. Here are our suggestions for developing a bedtime routine for your children.

Quiet play

An hour before bedtime, you should switch to quiet play. This will help your child enter a state of relaxation. Make ...


Cooking with Kids | Thanksgiving

When we think of Thanksgiving, we all focus on the big meal that we are going to enjoy at dinner. You don’t have to wait until dinner to celebrate with delicious Thanksgiving treats. Start the day off right with peanut butter turkey snacks that are easy for you and your kids to make together!

What you will need:

Muffin cups

Peanut butter

Red and yellow apples or bell peppers

Green Gra...