Emergency Preparedness and CPR for Parents

Would you know what do to if your child had a medical emergency, or would you need to rely on bystanders until first responders arrived? Prepare for every eventuality by learning CPR for parents.

Learning CPR doesn’t just make you a prepared citizen. It protects your family: About 88 percent of cardiac events occur in the home, according to the American Red Cross. The life you save with your CPR skills is likely to be a family member or another loved one.

As with any skill, you’ll need to learn CPR from a trained instructor, and will need to keep your skills polished.

The American Red Cross offers courses to train you in infant, child and adult CPR, as well as providing the training necessary to administer life-saving treatment from an automated external defibrillator (AED). Many classes also include first aid curriculum, so you’ll be ready for any emergency. Search for CPR and first aid classes in your area at the Red Cross’ website.

The American Heart Association also offers training in CPR and First Aid, including instruction on AED use. The AHA also offers hands-only CPR. Search for upcoming classes in your area on the AHA website.