How To Treat a Child’s Sunburn

From the park to the pool, children need to be protected from the sun. Even if SPF (Sun Protection Factor) has been applied, a child can still get a sunburn in as little as 15 minutes. This summer, we want to make sure parents know what steps to take if their child gets too much sun!

Here are our top tips for treating a child’s sunburn:

  1. Use cool water during showers or baths, and apply a cool compress when needed. Too cold or too hot of water will make your child’s skin extremely sensitive.
  2. Make sure your child is drinking extra water to prevent the dehydration that can happen from their body temperature being higher than usual.
  3. For discomfort, give your child acetaminophen or ibuprofen as directed. Make sure to view our dosage chart beforehand, so you know how much your child needs depending on their weight.
  4. Keep all sunburned areas covered fully to protect the skin while it heals.

To prevent needing to take these steps, make sure to seek shade, apply sunscreen, and keep hats and sunglasses handy for your kids this summer! For more information on sunscreens, read our post here on the Best Sunscreens for Kids and Babies.

*Keep in mind that if your child is under 1 year of age, and/or has blisters, severe pain, lethargy, or a fever higher than 101 degrees after getting a sunburn, contact your pediatrician or take them directly to urgent care.