Warning Signs of the Flu

Although we’re starting to see some warmer weather days here in Northern Colorado, winter and cold & flu season is still with us. Knowing the warning signs of the flu can help get your child they help they need before anything gets too severe because no one likes to see their little one sick. While most symptoms are similar to adults, there are a few differences parents should be aware of. 



While it’s typical for almost all individuals with the flu to have a fever, children can tend to have higher fevers than adults which can be as high as 103° – 105°. Fevers can also cause chills and shivering as a side effect. 

Body Aches & Headaches

The flu can cause severe body aches and headaches, which may be difficult for your child to explain or describe to you. Listen for signs from your child such as, “it hurts all over”, which might explain what they are feeling.

Coughing and/or Chest Pain

Coughing can be a very common flu symptom for both children and adults. Coughs can range from being dry to very moist and wet. Something to pay close attention to is if you hear a whistling or wheezing at the end of the cough. This may be a sign that your child may be having breathing problems, so make sure you visit your health care provider to make sure everything is okay. 


While some children may experience this at a higher degree than others, it’s an important symptom to look out for. Often times if congestion from the flu goes untreated it can potentially lead to ear infections and/or sinus infections. 

Vomiting & Diarrhea

While neither of these are very common in adults with the flu, they can be very common in children with the flu. While the stomach flu can also have these symptoms, stomach flu will generally not be accompanied by symptoms such as coughing or congestion. 

It is also important to note that many of these symptoms can overlap with symptoms of the common cold. Not sure what your child might have? Check out our post on knowing what the difference is between a cold and the flu

If you’re concerned that your child may have the flu, be sure to schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider right away or come see us during our extended hours to make sure your child gets the health care they need.