Bathtub Safety Tips for Infants & Young Children

Bathing your child regularly is an important part of routine health and cleanliness. Unfortunately, every year, more than 43,000 children receive emergency treatment for bathtub- and shower-related injuries. We know this is a scary number! Fortunately, many of these injuries can be prevented by following the safety tips we have listed below.


You should not leave your child unattended in the bathtub at any time. Walking away for “just a moment” may seem safe, but it is best to supervise your child at all times when they are in the bathtub.

No-Slip Grips

Most bath injuries are from slips and falls. An easy way to help prevent this from happening is to install no-slip grips to the bottom of your tub or shower to prevent your child from falling.

Water Temperature

Set your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or less to prevent accidental burns. Toddlers love to turn on the water themselves and can quickly get burned if the water is too hot.

Water Height

For a baby, keep the water level at two inches or less and four to five inches for a toddler. As your child grows, use your best judgment based on their size, but keep in mind that a tub filled halfway is deep enough.

Prepare What You Need

Set everything you’ll need within arm’s reach – soap, washcloth, towel, diaper, change of clothes – before you start so that you can keep one hand on your baby at all times. This prevents them from tipping over, falling forward into the water or hitting their head.

If an accident does happen in the bathtub, keep in mind that Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado is ready to help and treat your child 365 days a year! If you have any questions, please contact us!