Holiday Family Travel Tips: Staying Healthy on the Go


The winter holidays are a time of festive cheer and family gatherings. Unfortunately, they also coincide with the peak of flu season, making it essential to stay healthy during your travels. Here are some invaluable family travel tips to help ensure a germ-free and enjoyable holiday season from your Pediatric Urgent Care kid expert providers.

Preparation for Holiday Travel

When packing for holiday travel this year, be sure to add a few extra items to your carry-on bag. These items will help keep you and your children better protected from illness this winter. Your journey begins with preparation, and one essential item for your packing list is hand sanitizer. When traveling, especially in crowded places like airports or on public transportation, clean and germ-free hands are crucial. Hand sanitizer is a convenient solution when restrooms are out of reach. Prioritize sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content, as it effectively kills germs and viruses. A small travel-sized bottle is practical and can easily fit in your bag or pocket. Remember that hand sanitizer should not be used for children under 12 months of age, but to use it frequently on other members of the family, particularly after touching common surfaces like handrails or escalators.

Keep Tissues Handy

Another item to be sure to carry during the winter months is extra tissues. When combined with hand sanitizer, tissues can help clean up plenty of messes during holiday travel. The winter months often bring sniffles, and when traveling, it’s considerate to have tissues readily available. If you or your child experience a runny nose, cough, or sneezing, tissues come to the rescue. Not only do they help contain the spread of germs, but they also maintain cleanliness in your immediate surroundings. Plus, the people around you at the airport will appreciate your kids using tissues instead of wiping their hands on chairs and door handles! When used in conjunction with hand sanitizer, tissues provide a reliable barrier against illness. Keep a pack of tissues in your carry-on bag for quick access during your travels.

Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Finally, it is very important to stay hydrated while traveling. Holiday travels often mean long hours on the road, and this can greatly affect parents and children. Dehydration can be a common issue when traveling, particularly during long journeys. Parents often opt for caffeinated beverages to stay awake, and children may request sugary drinks instead of their usual water or juice. Unfortunately, these choices can lead to travelers feeling tired and dehydrated. Dehydration weakens the immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. To combat this, consider packing refillable water bottles for each family member. By ensuring access to fresh water throughout your trip, you’ll keep everyone well-hydrated and minimize the need to purchase drinks along the way. Staying hydrated not only enhances your health but also saves money during your holiday travel.

For more family travel tips for pre-travel planning and during your travels to keep your family healthy and safe, read our partner clinic, The Youth Clinic’s blog, “Vacation Health Safety: Family Travel Tips”, written by new Urgent Care provider, Chauna Scanga, PA-C.

As you embark on your holiday adventures, remember that Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado is here for you if unexpected health concerns arise. We’re committed to delivering exceptional urgent care services for your family’s health and well-being so you can have a healthy and fun holiday travel season. Check out our walk-in hours and location today!

Safe and healthy holidays to you and your loved ones!