Myths About Kids Health

There are a lot of things to know about keeping your child healthy. There are also a lot of myths about kids’ health. Sorting through them can be difficult – even with the help of the internet – so Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado is here to help you eliminate some of the most persistent myths about kids’ heath and treatment.

Myth: Vaccines are Linked to Autism

It’s one of the most pervasive untruths about kids’ health out there, but it’s frankly completely unfounded. There’s no scientifically proven link between vaccination and autism, and skipping scheduled vaccinations only puts your child at risk for serious illnesses.

Myth: Vitamin C Can Prevent illness

Coming down with something? Don’t reach for the Vitamin C. Kids’ (and adults’) bodies can only absorb so much of the vitamin, so massive doses aren’t absorbed. Piles of research exists to squash the idea that treating colds with Vitamin C isn’t effective.

Myth: Starve A Fever

Old wives’ tales are chock full of anecdotal remedies that involve dietary changes. The adage about starving a fever is simply a bad idea. Children need nutrients to fight off illness, and depriving them won’t help them feel better more quickly.

Myth: Wounds Heal Faster in Fresh Air

Bandages may sometimes be uncomfortable, but they don’t impede healing. Covered wounds heal faster and scar less then uncovered wounds, because bandages keep wounds moist, preventing scabbing that can lead to scarring and are easily reinjured – which can be a cause for infection.

Myth: Antibiotics Treat Bronchitis

Antiboitics are our go-to treatment for bacterial infections, but they don’t have any effect on viral infections. Unfortunately, it’s usually a virus that causes bronchitis, so antibiotics won’t do any good.

No matter what degree of scientifically backed care you receive, your little one is going to have to struggle through an illness now and then. When that illness strikes outside of office hours, turn to Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado to help you through your child’s sickness just as easily as we dispatched myths about kids’ health and treatment.