Barbecue Safety Tips

It’s the time of year when families like to take food preparation out of the kitchen and into the yard or park. While nearly everyone loves a good cookout, families with children will want to take extra precautions to enforce barbecue safety this summer.

While it’s important to keep a sense of responsibility toward cooking , inquisitive children may want to help cook, or may just be curious about open flames. Use it as an opportunity to teach them about safety – as well as shore up your own safety practices.

Fire Safety

Regardless of whether you’re cooking on gas or charcoal, you’ll be around open flame. Use the moment to teach or reinforce fire basics such as stop, drop and roll.

Keep It Clean

Remove grease and other drippings from the grill while it’s still cool. Grease can ignite during cooking, causing flare-ups that may burn cooks.

Dress Appropriately

Loose clothing, fringes or bangles may brush flames and ignite. Ensure you and any of your children at the barbecue dress in tight-fitting clothes to avoid burns.

Use Proper Utensils

Use spatulas, tongs and other utensils designed for use on a grill. They’re typically longer to keep hands away from flames, and made of flame-resistant materials (metal rather than plastic) for safety.

Watch for Cuts

Maybe surprisingly, common barbecue-related injuries are cuts as well as burns – and not necessarily from knives. Barbecues are often made of metal with exposed edges. Corners, holes and other sharp edges can scrape or cut little hands.

Grill in a Safe Place

Avoid grilling next to trees, overhanging eaves or games in the yard.