Longer Wait Times for Cold and Flu Season

As many of you are hearing and/or experiencing the Youth Clinic and Pediatric Urgent Care are seeing a dramatic increase in wait times for:

  • Sick Appointments
  • Scheduled Out Well Care Checks
  • Flu/Covid Vaccines
  • Medication Re-checks

At this time the Youth Clinic as well as other Pediatric Practices across the state are experiencing a surge in respiratory illness specifically in kids, resulting in a reallocation of our available Clinical staff to care for sick children. Unfortunately, this reduces the number of available appointment slots for routine appointments.

We recognize this is an inconvenience for our patients and families and we want to assure you we are doing our best to increase accessibility for all of our patients. As we move through this current surge and into cold/flu season we ask for your patience and understanding recognizing that you may experience:

  • Longer wait times for appointments that are scheduled
  • Reduced provider access to routine well-check appointments
  • Reduced availability of medication refills and immunization appointments
  • Longer hold times when calling our office

We appreciate your continued understanding and patience with our Practice as we address this current health concern.


Fort Collins Youth Clinic
Pediatric Urgent Care Of Northern Colorado