Child-Proof Your Home With These 5 Tools

Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned professional, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your child proofing knowledge. We want you and your children to be safe, so we put together a list of tools that make child-proofing your home easy.

1. Child Safety Latches

Safety latches allow you to keep drawers, cupboards, and doors shut that are within reach of your child. This will help keep them from getting hurt or getting into things you don’t want them to such as cleaning solutions or heavy kitchen appliances. Look for safety latches and locks that adults can easily install and use, but are sturdy enough to withstand pulls and tugs from children.

2. Bumpers

Use corner and edge bumpers to help prevent injuries from falls against sharp edges of furniture. It is not uncommon for children to fall and hit their head on the corners of coffee tables, tv stands, etc. Be sure to look for bumpers that stay securely, so they can not easily pull them off.

3. Outlet Covers

Place safety covers on all electrical outlets. These simply prevent your child from poking anything (their fingers or toys) inside of the outlet. This is an easy way to prevent electrocution.

4. Knob Covers

Install oven or stove knob covers. Once your baby is mobile, they like to reach for things. Putting covers on the knobs will keep them from being able to turn them, causing a fire or other type of accident. You can also put knob covers on doorknobs to prevent them from getting in or out of rooms.

5. Baby Gates

If you have stairs, be sure to place baby gates on both the top and bottom. This will help keep your baby from crawling up and falling and falling from the top down. You can also use baby gates to block off rooms of your house that it is not safe for them to enter.

Using these devices will help you keep your child safe which is a priority of Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado. We have extended hours because we know that injury and illness don’t abide by a 9-5 schedule.

Did you know there is store where you can buy these types of products and more?  Click here for more information about the Safety Store at Children’s Hospital.   And click here for even more baby-proofing tips.