Health Tips

Fall Asthma Triggers

The changing of the seasons means playing in leaves, trick-or-treating and enjoying fall sports such as football and soccer. For some kids, it may also mean breathing difficulties. Asthma can flare up in autumn months, so keep an eye out for common fall asthma triggers to keep your young ones out of urgent care.

Temperature Changes: Autumn months see wide swings in temperatures. Most patients know that cold air bring on an attack, but the quick drops from warm to cold make fall particularly...


Treating a Nut Allergy

With the number of children suffering a nut allergy growing, it’s likely your child or his classmates may have a sensitivity to peanuts or tree nuts. Knowing how to identify and start treating a nut allergy can save a life.

Symptoms and their severity of nut and other food allergies can be varied among sufferers, but they may include:

Difficulty breathing or tightness in throat
Swollen or tingling face, throat or tongue
Hives or rash
Increased heart rate...


Treating Bee Sting Allergy

Bzzzzz ... sting! Some little ones get stung by a bee and it is over as fast as it started, but for others who are allergic, these stings are life-threatening. Springtime is just around the corner and these yellow, fuzzy insects sitting on your child's favorite flower can be dangerous, so it is very important to be prepared for sting treatment and what symptoms lead to a trip to Pediatric Urgent Care.

Treating a bee sting:

Remove the stinger as soon as possible. This will stop the sp...


How To Treat a Child’s Sunburn

child sunburn while swimming

From the park to the pool, children need to be protected from the sun. Even if SPF (Sun Protection Factor) has been applied, a child can still get a sunburn in as little as 15 minutes. This summer, we want to make sure parents know what steps to take if their child gets too much sun!

Here are our top tips for treating a child's sunburn:

Use cool water during showers or baths, and apply a cool compress when needed. Too cold or too hot of water will make your child's skin extremely sen...


Barbecue Safety Tips

It’s the time of year when families like to take food preparation out of the kitchen and into the yard or park. While nearly everyone loves a good cookout, families with children will want to take extra precautions to enforce barbecue safety this summer.

While it’s important to keep a sense of responsibility toward cooking , inquisitive children may want to help cook, or may just be curious about open flames. Use it as an opportunity to teach them about safety – as well as shore up your...


Face Mask Safety, Protocol and Tips for Children

Wearing a face mask in public (doctor’s office, grocery store, etc.) is now recommended by the CDC. Cloth masks serve as an additional health measure to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This is especially important among asymptomatic individuals who pose a risk of spreading the virus to others. Social distancing remains our first-line defense. Hand-washing is our second and wearing a mask is our third.

Mask Fit and Cleanliness

Ideally, a cloth mask should fit snugly on your cheeks ...


Can I Give Emergen-C to My Child?

Can I give Emergen-C to my child?

Many adults reach for Emergen-C at the first sign of a cold. While that’s fine for adults, when you see cold symptoms coming on for a child, you shouldn’t give your child under 15 Emergen-C or a similar supplement.

Emergen-C is a high dose of Vitamins C, B-6 and B-12 that’s formulated for adults. Each dosage contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C (about 16 times the USDA recommended daily value). While this is well within safe dosage for an adult, the upper intake level for children is consider...


Bike Safety for Kids

Most kids like to hop on a bike, whether to explore the world around them, or as a reliable method of transportation, and that goes double for kids immersed in Northern Colorado’s bike culture. Most kids aren’t cognizant of the dangers inherent in riding around on two wheels, so parents need to educate them on the finer points of bike safety for kids.

Find a Helmet that Fits

Most parents understand a helmet is an essential part of bicycling, but fewer know how to get a helmet that...


Pool Safety Tips

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, which means many families will be making plans to spend time at the neighborhood pool. While most parents understand the dangers inherent in aquatic recreation, many aren’t quite as clear on the best way to protect their families.

Most children will overestimate their swimming abilities, which may put them in dangerous situations. Pool safety begins with parents, so follow a few pool safety tips to reduce your family’s risk.

Talk With Your Childre...


Treating Tick Bites

doctor removing a tick from a person

Fresh air and vitamin D are two of the benefits of sending your children outdoors to play. With perks come pests. In particular, ticks, when your family is exploring the Colorado outdoors. While ticks are typically a minor nuisance, they can be vectors for serious diseases. It's important to remove them quickly and without leaving their head under the skin.

Any time your little ones play in grassy or wooded areas, check the following body parts:

In and around hair
In and ar...