Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds & Lacerations


Usually minor injuries, cuts, scrapes and lacerations are wounds that break the skin. A cut may occur from slicing open the skin with a knife while preparing food. A scrape is the rubbing or tearing off of the skin that often occurs during a fall on the part of the body that rubs against the ground. A laceration is a more jagged tear in the skin than a cut, and can occur from tin cans or other sharp objects.


Treatment for these wounds can often be done at home with an antibiotic ointment and a bandage. For deeper wounds and instances where the wound is close to a joint or tendon, as well as wounds caused by a rusty object or that won’t stop bleeding after 15 minutes of applying pressure, medical attention should be pursued. Your child’s doctor will assess the wound, remove any debris, and determine if stitches are required to help the wound heal free of infection.