Pediatric COVID-19 Testing

Pediatric COVID-19 Testing Available

Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado tests patients aged 20 and younger.

To be tested, scan the QR Code on the building once you arrive at our Urgent Care. The QR code will provide you with the Electronic Pre-Registration Form to complete. Once the Pre-Registration Form is submitted you will be added to a virtual queue and a link to complete the registration process will be texted to your phone. Once the Provider/Nursing Staff is ready to see you, they will contact you to enter the building. To view our hours and location click here.


Remember, if your child is feeling sick, and you don’t believe it is COVID-19, it is still important to see your provider. This will ensure that your child receives proper care to recover from their illness.

Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado has 3 different ways to test for COVID-19, and all are above 95% accurate.

Binax antigen:

Sensitivity: 97.1%

Accuracy: 98.5%

This test is a 15-minute rapid test—only used on symptomatic patients and it is a swab in the nares (very non-invasive).

IDNow molecular:

Sensitivity: 95%

Accuracy: 97.9%

This test is a 12-15 minute rapid test—used on asymptomatic and symptomatic patients and it is a swab in the nares.

Biofire RVP with Covid:

Sensitivity: 98%

Accuracy: 100%

This is a 65-minute in-house test, also known as a Respiratory Viral Panel. It tests several viral illnesses including COVID. It is collected in the intranasal cavity (brain tickler). This test can be used for symptomatic patients and asymptomatic patients. It is also used as a follow-up test to a patient who has tested negative with one of the other tests and still has a “high probability” of having COVID.

In Need of A Test? Follow These Easy Steps:

Number 1

Arrive at Our Clinic During Walk-In Hours

4845 Weitzel St., Ste. 101, Timnath, CO 80547
Just Off I-25 & Harmony Rd., in the Costco parking lot by Freddy’s!

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 8:00pm
Weekends: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Holidays: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Number 2

Scan the QR Code On the Door to Register for a Walk-In Test

After scanning the code, wait in your car while you answer the series of questions on the webpage. A nurse will call you when it’s time to come in and will meet you in the lobby.
Number 3

Receive Your Test and Results

After taking the test, a provider will review your results with you and answer any questions you have!

Scheduling an appointment for a test ahead of time is not available.