Simple Tips to Avoid Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common, in fact, 1.3 million youths a year have serious sports injuries!

According to an article on, “Using data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, the report focused on pediatric sports injuries related to 14 common sports activities, including football, cheerleading, soccer and basketball. More than 46.5 million children played team sports in 2011, says the report.

It finds that in 2012, 12% of all ER visits (163,670) involved a concussion, the equivalent of one every three minutes. Nearly half (47%) were in kids ages 12 to 15.”

Many youth sports injuries can, however, be prevented. Here are some easy tips to preventing sports injuries:

  • Use of proper equipment
  • Maintenance of playing surfaces
  • Adult supervision
  • Proper preparation

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