Practice Safe Snow Days with These Tips

Snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights are the ingredients for the perfect snow day! Prepare your little ones for fun and safe outdoor play this winter with these tips:


Layering is tricky. Too many and they’ll overheat; too few and they’ll freeze. The rule of thumb: Dress your kids in one more layer of clothing than you (an adult) would wear in the same weather.

Protect Hands

With all the snow-fort building and snowball throwing, little hands will get cold and wet.  Make sure to buy insulated and waterproof gloves and mittens.


Cold temperatures bring out coats and snow pants instead of bathing suits, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t in the sky. Snow reflects at least 80 percent of the ultraviolet rays that cause sunburns. Before sending your kiddos out in the cold, lather their faces in water-resistant sunscreen.

Sled Safety

Before flying down a hill on a sled, take precautions. Make sure to choose well-sledded areas that are open and free of cars, trees, posts and rocks.

Frostbite Dangers

Exposing fingers, toes and ears to cold temperatures for long periods of time can cause frostbite. Review with your children the dangers of frostbite as well as the symptoms of it. For more information, check out our frostbite treatment tips.


Just like sunscreen, water is just as important during the winter months as it is in the summer. Kids and adults lose large amounts of water breathing in cold, chilly air. Keep water handy when playing in the snow!


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