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two little girls blowing their nose inside in their pajamas

Warning Signs of the Flu

Although we’re starting to see some warmer weather days here in Northern Colorado, winter and cold & flu season is still with us. Knowing the warning signs of the flu can help get your child...
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Fall Asthma Triggers

The changing of the seasons means playing in leaves, trick-or-treating and enjoying fall sports such as football and soccer. For some kids, it may also mean breathing difficulties. Asthma can flare...
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How to Treat a Nut Allergy

With the number of children suffering a nut allergy growing, it’s likely your child or their classmates may have a sensitivity to peanuts or tree nuts. Knowing how to identify and treat a nut...
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How to Treat a Bee Sting Allergy

Bzzzzz ... sting! Some little ones get stung by a bee and it is over as fast as it started, but for others who are allergic, these stings are life-threatening. These yellow, fuzzy insects sitting on...
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Barbecue Safety Tips

It’s the time of year when families like to take food preparation out of the kitchen and into the yard or park. While nearly everyone loves a good cookout, families with children will want to take...
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Pool Safety Tips

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, which means many families will be making plans to spend time at the neighborhood pool. While most parents understand the dangers inherent in aquatic recreation,...
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doctor removing a tick from a person

Treating Tick Bites

Fresh air and vitamin D are two of the benefits of sending your children outdoors to play. With perks come pests. In particular, ticks, when your family is exploring Colorado outdoors. While ticks...
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Dehydration in Children

While dehydration in children is most commonly caused by illnesses such as diarrhea and fever, during the dog days of summer, just playing outdoors in the heat may be enough to cause mild...
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What You Need to Know About COVID-19

What is COVID-19? The COVID-19 virus (also commonly known as Coronavirus) has been circling the news, social media, and conversations in the last few weeks. As you are probably already aware, the...
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